Protect site and network from hackers
Protect investors from scam and fraud

Audit your source code
Help to design secure infrastructure

METASCAN is a cyber-security company.

Our team-members are security experts who have protected various assets from country-level data-centers to individual sites.

Our pentesters have worked in one of the biggest
search engine (Yandex), IT-consulting, and antivirus companies.

What we actually do
We believe that safety and peace of mind of our customers and their investors is the most important result of our work. And we are proud to do it.
DDoS/DoS/WAF protection
We will use the best practices of configuration of the protection with CloudFlare, Incapsula or Qrator
Telegram AntiFraud
Telegram is widely used in ICO communications. Scammers use that and target investors by impersonating ICO team. We have a way to completely delete accounts of the scammers in Telegram.
Penetration testing
Our penetration testing experts will do a security audit of your infrastructure, and will imitate malicious hackers' activity.
We will provide you with the results, which would've been received by the hackers.
Groups and Chats security
Our AntiFraud bots and AntiFraud team will be working in your groups and chats till the end of the ICO.
Along with the best practices on configuration groups and chats it will cease the effective fraudulent activities.
24/7 support
We will be in touch with you all the time until the end of the ICO, and will provide you with 24/7 security support.
We will resolve security incidents that occur during the ICO, and we will help you to block scammers, found by us, or your team.
Social Networks AntiFraud
We will be monitoring social networks to discover fraudulent accounts in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.
We will support you in blocking and removal of such accounts.
Our clients
Everyday we work hard to protect our clients
from hackers and scammers
Raised more than 2000 ETH
during Pre-ICO.
Raised more than 1000 ETH
during Pre-ICO.
More than 5000 members in Telegram.

More than 13000 members in Telegram.
Our friends
We believe that stopping crime and scammers is a collective job, thus we enjoy working together with like-minded people and companies.
Security assessment of your ICO
We will do a short security assessment of your ICO site and get back to you with details
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ICO site
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Telegram: @nplsnk
Phone: +7 495 152 1337